Why Use Construction Signage?

Monday June 23rd 2014

safety signs Australia Putting the proper posters and signs are required in order to give the right message to people in a construction site. Those who invest in having customised construction sign know that it is really essential to keep people safe in this area. A construction signage can explain to people why a construction is taking place. There are parts of the site that should not be accessed by people without protective gear. Such are dangerous zones that should be entered only when a person puts on a hard hat, face shields, gloves or a suit in order to protect from debris and chemicals that may be used in the construction.

When a construction safety signs Australia says “Gloves Required”, this means that hands of those who will work in the area must be covered. There are workplaces that use big machines, caustic solutions or corrosive chemicals that can be dangerous if workers will fail to wear their protective gloves. Workers will know through the sign that that particular zone is most dangerous to hands.

A few areas will require people to wear eye protection gear since construction site dangerous areas, whether you are a long time worker there or just a guest. Flying objects can be a source of peril and when they get to the eye due to the minuteness of flying particles, your eyes can be damaged. Some machines should be operated by people who are in full protective gear, including goggles. Using “Wear Eye Protection” safety signs Australia is one way of protecting people from construction site accidents involving the eyes.

Industrial gas products are used in construction sites. A sign that reads “Empty Cylinder Do Not Use” signifies that these are used oxygen or acetylene cylinders and they are also due for pullout or refilling. You must go to the area where “Full Cylinder Ready For Use” is found. This avoids mixing of unused and used gas cylinders which is necessary for the effective refilling of gases. Since construction sites are areas that are not very accessible by ordinary ride due to the pile of materials, construction equipment and debris, your industrial gas supplier can appreciate the proper sorting of cylinders when they replenish used cylinders with new ones.

Some construction projects need their workers to climb heights. The “Danger Must Wear Body Belt” sign means that fall protection gear is required. Accidents can happen when they are climbing scaffolding or platforms. Falls in construction sites are common cause of worker deaths. Hence, to ensure job safety, the proper fall protection signs must be placed in areas where they are conspicuous to workers.

The “Danger Don’t Watch. Arc Welder At Work” sign is for welding areas. The light that emits from the welded metal can hurt the eyes and may cause blindness. Watching the sparks from arc welding will make your vision suffer after watching welding jobs even for a short time. The construction signage indicates that one should wear the right eye protective gear and body gear when entering this area.