Festival Signage Brisbane

Wednesday April 2nd 2014

The team at Signs Brisbane Queensland is experienced in large-scale festival signage in Brisbane. Whatever you need, we have done it before and will do it again.

A large-scale event should be able to create brand awareness, especially when it happens once a year. To make things exciting for the audience, the appropriate digital ad materials must be used such as fencing banners, promotional banners, directional signs and outdoor signs. They should be made of durable materials. A design team should also be able to provide eye-catching and strong messages so that the information on the ad will be retained by the audience.

SBQ owns state-of-the-art printing systems, which were previously offered only to the overseas market. At present, Queensland can take advantage of our low rates because we cut the middleman from our business dealings. We are also able to print directly to any type of material, whether small scale or large scale requirements.

Our most recent festival work involved printing and installing over 1.6 km of banners along festival fencing, in addition to over 400 signs within the event itself. It did not take long for our North Brisbane production facility to produce these ad materials. Our advanced equipment allowed us to save on time and money in designing and production, so we were able to give our clients cheaper signage rates.

Festival season is a great venue to have a physical branding campaign. To get you started, SBQ offers professional signage consultations free of charge. Contact us today or complete an enquiry form to see what we can do for you!