Benefits Of Construction Signage

Monday June 30th 2014

WATPAC Construction SignageConstruction environments need on-premise signage to indicate which zones are dangerous to enter without wearing proper protection. Sign deficiency will lead to accidents not only for trespassers but also for people who work in the construction of buildings, waterways, trenches and many others. It would be a disservice to the workers who work hard daily to provide the needs of their families when builders fail to place construction signage on risky areas.

Signs that are installed in the right areas can protect people from meeting with disasters. This is the best way to alert them of precautionary measures they have to take and the potential risks that they can face when they do not pay attention to the warning.

However, placing directional and safety signs is crucial to businesses, not only in construction sites. This is in compliance to regulations that business premises should be safe for employees, customers and the public. At the same time, signs will also indicate which areas are not to be accessed by unauthorised individuals. Business owners will incur a small up-front cost when implementing and adhering to the required safety programs as they are mandated by law to conform to Workplace Health and Safety regulations.

The risks associated with construction sites can be avoided by placing warning signs and this commitment to safety can radically impact the cost for both the owner and contractor. Injuries that result from lack of warning in dangerous areas can bring huge losses. There has to be safety procedures for preventing injuries like confined space entry, fall protection and other programs. One of these safety procedures is to indicate to the people which areas need full protective gear and they must exercise caution in entering or passing through selected portions of the site.

Did it occur to you that the hidden costs of injuries from construction site accidents are about 4-10 more than the allowed cost for claims? As a consequence of negligence in putting proper construction signage in locations that are perilous, the contractor can suffer from their bottom line since they have to account for many hidden costs that will not be paid for by insurance companies.

In road excavations or projects that setup scaffoldings, the public should know of the dangers they will go through if they do not follow the signs. With the use of safety signages, the public is made careful as they pass a risky location with excavation going on as they can be hit by rolling boulders or be caught in a mini landslide. Signs also provide a smooth and safe passage of people in thoroughfares.

When the contractor creates measures to prevent injuries and illnesses through appropriate job safety procedures such as warning signages, they achieve better efficiency in completing projects.

What’s the most important facet of providing safety or warning information is that, all people in the workplace or in construction environments are provided the authority to perform things in safety. Thus, warning signs are a must so that the workforce is healthy and safe, and can become highly productive. On top of that, people won’t suffer injuries or get ill and legal proceedings due to accidents are avoided.

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